Two tone playsilk mini tutorial

Dyeing playsilks is fun and easy! All it takes it about 20 minutes start to finish. Using acid dyes can sound intimidating, but the dye itself doesn’t contain any type of acid. The acid used it citric acid or white vinegar to set the dye. The dyes are an irritant when dry, so definitely be careful and do not breathe in any of the dry dye! If you are nervous about it please wear a medical mask. You should be able to find the dye and silks at Dharma Trading.


  • Dye – acid dye, koolaid, or food coloring
  • acid – vinegar or citric acid
  • large pot – if you are using acid dye you need dedicated pots
  • gloves – recommended, I never bother though 🙂
  • tongs are opitional
  • water
  1. Fill your pot with water and a 1/2 c of vinegar (citric acid can be used, check container for amount).  Dip your playsilks into this mix, remove them, wring them out a bit. Bring pot to a simmer on a stovetop
  2. Once the water has simmered add your dye, you will add your two dyes on opposite sides of the pot. Do not mix them! let the dye slowly dissolve on its own. You don’t want the dyes to become a single color. You will want to choose colors that blend well togetherImage3. Now Add the playsilk.  You can fold it# or just stick it in crumpled up. Resist the urge to swish the playsilk around in the water! Once you put it in the pot leave it there.Image4. Remove the playsilk after about a minute and rinse well. Roll it in a towel to dry. I made this pink and blue one using Jacquard acid dyes in Aqua and Hot Fuschia.


    If you use two shades that just vary a little bit the result it really beautiful. I dyed this one using Jacquard golden yellow and pumpkin. It reminds me of the fire in a lantern. Perfect for Martinmas



4 responses to “Two tone playsilk mini tutorial

  1. Very pretty! I love the colors you chose. Did you add the dyes in their powder form, or did you mix them with water before adding them to the pot?

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