Free 15 inch Waldorf Baby Doll Pattern



EDIT! I am now offering  an affordable lifetime/unlimited cottage license in my shop for this pattern!

After a lot of deliberation I have decided to offer my 15 inch baby pattern for free. I think that a special baby made by a parent is one of the sweetest gifts to give. It doesn’t matter if your baby looks perfect, your child will be able to feel the love and energy you put into making it. I have marked the pattern as best as I can saying where to sew and how to trace on the fabric, etc. I am also including a few pictures to show how to snip and sew the toe, and also how to sew the panel to the bottom to make a sitting butt. I am not going to list full instructions for this pattern, but I will try to answer any questions. Please start by first visiting my YouTube channel for instructions on how to form the head. The pattern should print as two full sheets of regular computer paper. Just click the pattern to view full size and print. Page one has the body & leg pieces, page 2 has the head covering and arm pieces. You will use a scrap piece of fabric for the bottom panel.

I do ask that this pattern only be used for personal purposes and not commercial. The pattern may not be reproduced or redistributed under any circumstances. It is copyrighted to Crystal Clark and Oh Juniper! Natural Handmade Dolls.

I have also made a group on facebook for sewing support it is here:

Photo only tutorial here: 

Please allow a few minutes the PDF to load. It is a large document with nearly 100 pictures.


  • 1 yd doll skin
  • 1 pound wool  batting
  • craft string
  • sewing thread to match skin
  • yarn for hair
  • embroidery thread for eyes and mouth
  • ball point hand sewing needles
  • a long spoon or hemostats to stuff limbs
  • tubular gauze
  • pins
  • fabric and notions for clothes

Resources for supplies:

Sewing the toe:


Adding the panel to the butt:


This pattern does NOT include margins. Trace pattern onto the fabric then sew on the lines. Cut out the pieces after sewing.



5 responses to “Free 15 inch Waldorf Baby Doll Pattern

  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This means so much to those of us who are on such tight, tight budgets!!!! This free pattern will make many mothers and children happy. Perhaps everyone can share their doll with you on your Facebook. Then you can see the love that is shared by you! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much from Lyn here in Hawaii. My grandbaby will love this lil one! U R so kind for letting us follow your pattern. Much Mahalo’s!

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