No Sew Silk Puppets

This is a great introduction to doll making for children, or a simple craft to make yourself! You may need to help a child with the strings since a needle is used.

-silk hankies from dharma trading, 2 for each puppet, available here: . Dyeing instructions are available here if needed:
– small amount of wool roving or batting, small ball of yarn will also work.
-strong string, like craft string or crochet thread
– sharp large eye needle, I am using a doll making needle


1) place ball of wool in the center of the first hankie, fold hankie into a triangle. Pick up by the ball, and tie craft string under the head. Knot and cut.



2) Fold second silk into a triangle, drape folded edge over the head and tie with craft string under the head



3) Cut a length of string about a foot long, thread needle, push needle through the bottom of head, to the top, push back through the top of the head and knot under the head. This creates the wrist string that holds the head up.




4) Cut another piece of string, thread needle, knot string to the underside of the silk where the puppets hand would be. Put the puppet on your wrist and measure the second string by draping across your thumb and pinky. Push needle through where the second hand should be and knot on underside, trim thread, and that’s it! You now have a puppet!




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